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Pipeline Indications for Use – All Based on InstaFan

In the very near future, it will also be possible to upgrade InstaFan into a therapeutic delivery platform. This will allow destroying tumorous cells during the biopsy procedure itself by either: 

  • Focused RF ablation - Thermal ablation delivered by RFA represents a promising component for local cancer therapy. EUS-RFA is an emerging minimally invasive therapeutic alternative to surgical resection for various pancreatic neoplasm. Although it is a safe procedure, due to the radius of heat spread, its effectiveness was limited to patient with small sized, up to 18mm pancreatic tumor. By transferring energy to multiple sites simultaneously, InstaFan enables destroying larger area in the tumor, and thus, changing the clinical outcomes and patient management.

  • Precise drug delivery - Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease with its median survival of ~ 9 months only. A common explanation is that the massive stromal tissue (within a tumor) functions as a “barrier”, dramatically reducing anti-tumor effect of drugs delivered systemically. Using InstaFan as EUS-drug device combination for intratumoral injection of drugs as an adjuvant treatment of pancreatic cancer would allow damaging stromal structure and increasing the response of a tumor to drugs delivered systemically.

InstaFan drug delivery
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